Design as Activism – My Final Outcome

Snapchat Lenses

I chose to develop my Snapchat Lens creating by making a further 2 lenses, so the final outcome is a package of 3 lenses all together.

I downloaded Snapchat’s Lens Studio (for free, here: I found it very overwhelming when I first opened the programme, because there was no walkthrough or ‘tips’ section, you were just straight into the complex programme. Therefore I watched a few YouTube tutorials on the basics of how it functions. After a few hours of playing around with settings, effects and just generally exploring the programme, I got to grips with how to go about creating my first Snapchat Lens.

Firstly, I learnt that you had to select which type of Lens you’d be creating before you open your new document:

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 17.16.29.png

So, for my first Lens, I went for the simple ‘Segmentation’ option. This option replaces the background of the camera with a tiled, filled or effected image.

I inserted a JPEG version of our logo, and changed the background colour to our chosen green (#009640). It was as simple as that!

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.14.26.png

Here is the result:

For the second filter, I created a 3D photo frame of our logo. In the video below, you can see that as you move the rear facing camera of your phone, it shows different angles of the ‘photo frame’. You can also ‘pick up’ the frame and move it about.

Finally, I made a Lens which included some of my initial visuals. Although this Lens looks very simple, it was definitely the most challenging to create. In order to get the cloud to stick to the portrait’s face, I had to go through many different settings and effects, which took a long time. However, I finally found the correct settings, and the outcome of the filter looks like this:


As you can see, I tried the lenses out myself before uploading them. The Lens Studio programme has a Pairing feature, which allows the user to pair their Snapchat App on their smartphone to the programme on their computer. This then sends the newly created Lens over to the App on the smartphone, and allows the user to test out the lens before submitting. I stated previously that submitting lenses would cost money, but after having researched into this further, I found that paying money for it was only if you wanted the lenses uploaded for ANYONE to download. I didn’t want anyone to be able to download it, only people who had the links, and this was actually free!

Currently, all the Lenses are published and are functioning. They can be downloaded here:

Lens #1 –

Lens #2 –

Lens #3 –

Snapchat / Messenger Stickers

I created the Stickers using Adobe Illustrator. I did this by importing the characters that Emily made, and editing some of their facial expressions to suit the context. For example, in the first sticker, I edited the man with a High Vis jacket’s facial expression to be sad because the other manis telling him to ‘Man Up!’.

In order to save these as PNG files, I opened the .ai (Illustrator) file with Preview (on Mac), and then clicked Save As, and selected the PNG option. They need to be a PNG in order to have a transparent background (although I have put them on a green background for this blog, as they won’t stand out very well on white!). Below is the saving and conversion process:

A lot of my stickers are typography based. Looking back, maybe some of them have too much type to be a small sticker? In my opinion, the most effective are the first and fourth stickers, because they feature minimal text, and a lot of visuals. This will interest the user, not push them away because it’s too much effort to read that small text!

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