Protest! – Project Updates

After having presented and gained feedback on our our manifesto, we decided that the idea was too broad and open, and therefore had too many possible routes to go down. In response to this, we decided to slightly change the initial idea, in order to narrow down our outcome possibilities. The group met up and we decided on keeping the school system theme, but focusing on how we believe that sign language should be a more taught language, as Modern Foreign Languages such as French or Spanish are taught in school. Personally, I don’t know any sign language at all, and that’s really terrible, because I would have absolutely no way of communicating with a deaf person.

After having decided on a new idea, we all felt that we had a more clear path to follow. Therefore, our next step was to come up with a name for the Protest. We made some mind maps and lists to help us with the idea generation:

After chatting with Theo, we decided that ‘See Me Speak’ was the best name, because it clearly represents a deaf person because instead of listening to someone speak, they see someone speak by watching the signs. It also flows well because the two words begin with ‘S’.

We then researched into the statistics of deaf people and were really shocked to find that there was actually a huge number of deaf people just in the UK, so the demand for sign language is large.

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