Protest! – Placard Development

The aim of our placards is to communicate a message. This message is that we want Sign Language put into teaching at both Primary and Secondary School levels. We plan to do this through engaging viewers with visual and typographical content. Hopefully, this will result in people feeling guilty and naive to the fact that Sign Language is being excluded from mainstream teaching in the UK, and they need to help make a change.

From our initial placard ideas, we came up with the idea of asking a question within the placard. We felt that this would make the sign more engaging, and therefore more useful. We chose to ask the question Do you speak… English? Francais? Espanol? Deutsch? and then added in ‘Sign’ at the bottom of the list, spelt out in sign language. We chose to differentiate the other languages (that are often taught in schools) from the sign language to show that Sign Language (e.g. BSL/ASL) is just as important as the other languages, yet is being forgotten and left out of teaching.


This poster was our Stanley Green inspired design. Georgia did the really intricate, precise lettering, which took a long time and a lot of patience to do. The detailed hand signs are also very precisely painted using gouache paints. We were all really pleased with this outcome. We feel that it’s a very traditional, handmade style placard.

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