Protest! – Digital Placards

As a group, we decided that as Illustrators, Celine and Sam would focus on the handmade and illustrative placards, and Georgia and I would focus on the digitally made placards.

I started by drawing up some hand signs, eyes, ears and a mouth using Procreate. I then exported these images as PNG files and brought them into Illustrator.

I decided to focus on some of my original ideas for placards. The first one I worked on was the My eye is my ear, my hand is my mouth. I came up with this:screen-shot-2019-02-05-at-17.11.39.png

I chose to add colour to my illustrations as I felt it made the placard a bit more interesting and engaging. I used the same typeface as the logo, and included a small version of the logo in the corner to keep the branding consistent throughout.

I also created a similar version to this here:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 17.14.56

In contrast to the previous design, I didn’t add any colour to my illustrations. I wanted to try a version without colour to see the difference in impact. I also kept the text simple by using the same technique of engaging the viewer to work out what the placard reads by using both visual and typographic content. I used the same typeface as the logo to keep the brand consistent, and made this stand out more by adding a drop shadow to it, keeping to the colour scheme of red, black and white. However, personally, I think that the previous design is stronger.

I decided to steer away from using imagery in this design, and keep it purely typographic. Here is my initial design:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 17.20.20

Again, I used the same typeface Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN, and simply repeated the phrase I can’t hear you, but you can see me’. Initially I thought this design was far too complicated and unclear. However, I decided to play around with different colour options. Here is the developed result:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 17.20.37.png

I coloured one of each word in red which reads diagonally down the page. I feel that this has a much more clear path for the eye than the initial design. I need to work on incorporating the logo into this design somewhere, without it being too crowded and complicated.


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