Protest! – Placard Feeback and Development

In yesterday’s feedback session with David and Jo, we presented our placard designs to date and they, along with the other groups, gave us feedback on our designs.

In terms of the logo, they both thought it was a strong piece and worked well with the context. David suggested that we make the fist overlap the box even more to clarify that it’s breaking out of the box.

David and Jo both agreed that my first design that included colour in the illustrations was stronger than the one without. David liked my typographic placard and thought it was very strong, and just needed our logo incorporated into it somewhere to keep the brand consistent.

Post Feedback Alterations

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 17.33.14.png

Here, I added a white rectangle with a small black stroke in the bottom left corner of the placard, and placed our logo on top. I thought that this white background helped simplify the design, as it would be too complicated without it, especially because the typefaces and colours are the same.

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