Protest! – Printing & Live Protest

Today we prepared our final placards for the Live Protest this afternoon. I needed to print appropriate sizes to create an overall A2, which got quite complicated.

Some issues I encountered were not having enough printer credit (and then forgetting how to recharge my credit!). This set me back a bit, but I eventually sorted it out. I then went on to research how to print an A2 sized document over 2 x A3 pages (because we don’t have an A2 printer). This seemed easy, but when I went to print it, every time it would only print A3 size over 2 x A3 pages which was very frustrating! Therefore I had to go back and find another way to print in A2 size. In the end, I resorted to splitting my document using Photoshop and pasting each side onto a new A3 document just for printing. This seemed like a long way around, but was the only way that was going to work for me today.

After having successfully printed out the two halves of my placard, I then cut them to size using a guillotine and joined them together, and to the cardboard using a stapler. This was a quick and easy way to secure the paper. I then attached a stick handle to the cardboard using duct tape. Finally, I printed off the back of my placard and repeated the process, finally stapling the two sheets together. Here was the result:


This afternoon, we carried out our Live Protest on campus. It was good fun, but also very cold! We had a total of 6 placards between the 4 of us, and we were really pleased with the outcomes.

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