Criticality: Idea development

As I’ve now chosen the idea that I want to take forward, I decided to carry out more research to find more ideas to make the overall concept stronger and more unique, rather than just swapping out a feature that Instagram (essentially) already possess.

Last week, Carol mentioned that I could experiment using sound to disrupt the Instagram viewer’s experience further. I decided to carry out some further research into this topic of disruption and how sound can disrupt an experience such as scrolling Instagram.

In an article by Hilary Andersson for BBC Panorama Social media companies are deliberately addicting users to their products for financial gain, Silicon Valley insiders have told the BBC’s Panorama programme, Andersson mentions how companies such as Instagram and TikTok make the user experience so easy, comfortable and flowing so that the user feels at ease and wants to carry on scrolling.

This leads me to think that the more disruptive of this comforting, easy to use atmosphere I can be within my project, the more likely it is to have an impact on the user. I think that the use of a combination of a short duration sound and a low impact vibration (such as when a notification comes in) would help to emphasise the disruption in this case.


BBC News. 2018. Social media apps are ‘deliberately’ addictive to users. [online] Available at: <; [Accessed 4 February 2021].

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