FMP: M4 The Final Outcome

Today I attended aq group tutorial lead by Carol where we discussed our final outcome initial ideas. I felt a lot more confident during this tutorial, as I had made some major developments since our last meeting. I also had some questions ready to ask Carol and my peers about my work which also made me feel more confident and organised.

Please see my presentation below:

Last time I had a tutorial with Carol, she noted that I should include more details and information about the overall project within my presentations. I took this feedback on board and on slide 2 included an informative text based slide to help explain my ideas and ensure viewers understood my visions clearly.


OVerall, both Carol and my peers both thought that the visual language of the project was much much stronger, more powerful and more impactful. They all agreed that the pink colour was more vibrant and therefore conveyed a more fierce and powerful message through the visual identity of the overall project. They also agreed that the combination of a strong, bold sans serif typefaces paired with a modern, script typeface contrasted really well. The tagline/hashtag is concise and catchy, and makes sense – which is really good. It also provides an area of connectivity and ability for people to share experiences via social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, which opens the audience even further which is really positive. Carol praised me for including some statistics within the presentation, as she and my peers agreed that they didn’t appreciate the extent of the Pink Tax until seeing this shocking statistic. This made me think that I should definitely include this statistic in some of my final outcomes, maybe on social media mockups but also on posters for the in store version of AntiPat.

Carol said that I should define the functionality of the software in more detail and try to explain it in a more clear and concise way. She also encouraged me to include popular, key leading products as examples as opposed to other, less popular items. Carol said that showing a deodorant was a bit inappropriate because women wouldn’t want to smell like men just to save a few pence. I see where she’s coming from, but this is the point that I’m trying to prove. Maybe I should use an example of a razor or something else that’s unscented to avoid confusion like this. She also noted that my statistics were american and so weren’t as relatable as they would be if they were in GBP. She suggested I looked on MetSearch for some more relatable UK statistics to replace the US ones. In terms of visuals, Carol said that the introduction of the colour yellow was a great move and was also a powerful and vibrant colour which contrasted well with the pink. She suggested I changed my * symbols to lightning bolt symbols in order to create a more consistent brand identity. She also suggested that I changed the $ sign in the emoji to a £ sign – but I don’t think I will do this, as my whole idea of using the emoji was for it to be relatable to young women, and altering the emoji could make it look a little less authentic and maybe risk making it look younger if that makes sense? Carol also suggested that the women’s silhouette was too different from my other icons. I agree that they are different, but my idea was for the icons to support the face silhouette, and the face silhouette would be the main marque. She said that the user interface needed a little work in order to be really clean and simple and just more cohesive overall.

Overall, I was really pleased with today’s tutorial. I felt like the feedback was really positive, and I had a clear vision of what I needed to do to make the project stronger visually and in terms of content.

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