FMP: 1:1 tutorial

This morning I had a 15-minute 1:1 tutorial with David about my final major project. I wanted to speak with David as he hadn’t yet seen my updated visual language (only Carol so far).

David said that the visual language had improved dramatically, and noted that it looked much more modern and current, which meant that it was suited much more for the target audience. Consistently with Carol’s comments at the start of the week, he said that my statistics should be in GBP as opposed to USD to make them more relatable to the target audience, which I totally agree with.

I explained that I wanted to create a promotional video/documentary to promote and explain the software and its uses. He agreed that this was a good idea and suggested looking at D&AD style explanation videos for inspiration – which is exactly the style of video I had envisioned. He said that it would be beneficial to include supporting articles and statistics to create a more fierce and almost disappointed/sympathetical approach to the introduction to the video. He said he was really happy with the content, ideas and visuals of the project – just that the tone of voice needed to be more confident and have more drive. He highlighted that it didn’t have to be so much a “protest” style tone of voice, but it did need to show the fact that this is a real problem – not just something we need to work around. This was really helpful to me, and I had kind of lost the overall message of my project while concentrating on the content and visuals.

He also noted that I shouldn’t rush the video, and that a storyboard would be sufficient for Tuesday’s formative feedback stage.

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