FMP: M5 Formative Critique

Today I presented my project for formative feedback from David and my peers (presentation file & transcript file below):

The feedback which I received from both David and my peers was really helpful and informative. It’s given me a clear idea of my path forward in developing my project, and also given me a lot of confidence in the work that I’ve carried out so far. I also feel positive about the volume of work I need to do over the upcoming weeks and think that the workload I’ve planned is realistic within the timeframe.

The feedback I received from my peers was really positive. Luke said that he thought the overall aesthetic and style of the brand was really on-trend and “cool”, yet still had a serious and powerful feel to it which was what I was aiming for completely. He also mentioned that he got the message of how ridiculous the pink tax is, and admitted that although he’d heard of the pink tax before, he didn’t realise the extent of the seriousness of the problem, and that my project helped him to understand that even at this stage. Matt said that he noticed a great deal of development in my project since he last saw it, which was again really positive for me. He thought that the digital/online software was more developed than the in-store version and suggested I focus more on this to create an even balance between the two. He suggested I include videos of in-store within my video/animation to reiterate the fact that AntiPat can be applied both online AND in-store. This was really helpful as I hadn’t noticed that I was in fact neglecting the in-store version slightly, and this will definitely inform my developments following this formative stage.

David’s response to my project at this stage was also really positive. He said that the visual identity was clear, contemporary and serious. This was really positive as this was exactly the characteristics I’m aiming for from AntiPat. He mentioned the consistent use of the lightning bolt throughout the branding, which I explained was a symbol of power, change and “realisation” of the seriousness of the issue at hand. He suggested that I use the symbol as a symbol of realisation – showing “before and after” style media and use the lightning bolt symbol as “the change”. I loved this idea and think it could really level up my branding. I think this will take a while to implement and will need a lot of refining to get right but I will definitely apply this in my developments of AntiPat. David also suggested that I worked a bit more on the user interface of the online software. He said I should definitely add in a mockup to give more context to the software and also to help guide users to visualise how they could implement this into their daily lives. I think this is an essential piece of feedback as it will really help level up my project – I think I will create a working prototype in Adobe XD and create a moving mockup with voiceover or sound to help increase the relatability of my audience to my project. He said that from my animation storyboard, this outcome is going of be an essential part of the project. I totally agree with him here as I find animations the most engaging pieces of media when looking at others’ projects. He mentioned that I should create some product illustrations to help support the animation (such as razors, shampoo, bodywash, etc) and keep my brand identity consistent throughout all deliverables. This was really helpful and I will definitely apply this – I’ll use Procreate to illustrate some products before vectorising them using Adobe Illustrator and keep them simple to fit with the rest of my brand identity and help maintain that overall consistency to strengthen the brand.

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