Penguin: Final Updates

The Penguin project was lowest on my priority list for making final updates because it was such a short project, and doesn’t have a design document. However, I’m in a position in submission week where I have time to make some final updates, which is really positive and I’m really happy with my time management at this point. Last year, I really struggled with time management and would always leave things until last minute, get really stressed and therefore not create my best work. I feel that my time management skills have improved drastically over the year, mainly due to taking on more freelance clients (I currently do around 15-20 hours a week of freelance work). This has forced me to manage my time more efficiently, which has been a really positive move forward for me, and is something which will benefit me lots in the future when taking on more freelance work or obtaining a job.

Penguin updates:

Outcome at formative submission:

At the formative submission stage in January, I received some really useful feedback from Carol and my peers:

The comments were all very similar in that they suggest I include more pastel colours within the jenga blocks themselves. Carol also agreed, and suggested that I make even more use of the blocks on the back cover of the book, to make the design work even more dynamically, as a whole composition (rather than a back and a front).

I started by adding pastel colours to the jenga blocks themselves. I started by adding colour to every block:

However, I thought that this looked a little too colourful and overpowering, so I changed some of the less prominent blocks back to white, and I think this is a more even balance and contrast between the pastel colours and the neutral white:

Next, I added some colour to the blocks on the back cover. I feel that this really helps make the front and back work together more fluidly:

Although these revisions were very minor, I think they have made a huge difference to the final outcome. This really reinforces the fact that small revisions can be key in taking a project to the next level. This is something that I’ll take forward into my future freelance work.

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