Competitions: group tutorials

Yesterday we our first group tutorials with David. We were asked to present visualisations of our ideas so far. This is what I presented:


I named my first idea the importance of choices. The main deliverable for this idea would be a video/short film/animation. The main aspect of this idea is that the viewer/user will have to make choices throughout the duration of the video/film/animation. This will highlight the significance of “action” and “consequence”, which I think could be powerful to younger audiences. This idea is inspired by the Black Mirror film Bandersnatch, which was a “choose-your-own-adventure” film, with several different choices and possible outcomes:

I thought that is style of outcome could be really engaging, especially for a younger audience. However, I was struggling to imply the typographic elements to this idea. I thought that I could possibly add in some strong, expressive typography frames after each decision was made. They would have to be really impactful, but I’m worried that they wouldn’t be the main focus of the outcome, which could be a problem.


My second idea was to create an app which could be used as an alternative to a knife. This relates to the part of the brief which says “knife crime isn’t the only option”. I researched why young people carry knives, ae main reason ws for protection or self defence – they felt weak without one. So, my idea is that this app can offer the same “protection” feeling that carrying a knife would. The app could have features such as quick emergency calling, GPS tracking, alarms, warnings in high crime areas, etc.

As the main deliverable needs to be typography based, I thought that the outcome for this idea could be an advert for the app. This would allow me to use typography in a more suited manner, displaying shocking statistics, incorporating animation to the type too.


For my third idea, I thought about making a board game called “choices”. The core of this idea, is similar to my first idea, but applied in a very different context. Board games can be played in schools, and could be an engaging way to teach children about the potential implications of knife crime. The cards within the game would have pieces of colourful, impactful typography, sometimes using type as image.


After presenting all three of my ideas and sketches, my peers gave me some really valuable feedback.

Jez – Jez thought that my second idea (the app) was the strongest. He thought that the idea could be really innovative and different. However, he thought that there would have to be a LOT of very strong persuasion in order to persuade people that a phone is as powerful as a knife.

Laila – Laila thought that my first idea was the strongest, and that TikTok could be a strong platform to launch the film/animation as there is big potential to go viral on TikTok over any other platform. Young people are the core audience for TikTok at present, so it would be an ideal environment to capture their attention.

Laila thought that my idea for an app as an alternative for a knife just wouldn’t work – how would a mobile phone compare to someone who pulls a knife on you? She also noted that if I was to take this idea forward, it would need some more unique features. Everything
I listed is already available on a phone, so how is it any different?

Ben – Ben thought that my second idea (the app) was my strongest idea, but again, needed improved features.

David then gave his feedback:

David thought that I should combine ideas 1 and 2 to create an “action and consequence” focused outcome. He thought that instead of creating a solution for an alternative to a knife, create a hypothetical alternative. So for example, create something that shows someone stabbing someone with a phone vs stabbing someone with a knife, and the different implications. Maybe using the phone as a metaphor for the knife?

I was really happy with the feedback and felt much clearer on which direction to take from the three ideas. I always feel really refreshed after a group tutorial, and love seeing everyone else’s ideas as well as getting valuable feedback from a range of opinions on my own ideas.

My next step is to sit down and brainstorm/sketch out ideas for which direction I can take from here in terms of the “action and consequence” style approach.

Competitions: Research

David asked us to find at least 3 examples of previous D&AD New Blood entries/winner which are clever and appropriate

1. Last WordsAdobe & LADBible – 2019 – Samar Singh & Axel Livijn Carlman

Every week, 63 people die while texting and driving. During Road Safety Week in November, we used the unsent messages from 63 victims to send a strong message about driving safely. The campaign asked viewers to make their last words count through strategically placed digital billboards and Instagram ads.

I love this campaign so much. I think the use of the ellipsis is really clever and again really impactful and emotional, and can really make a difference to people’s lives. I think the sue of a grey/black/dark colour palette really shows the misery and heartbroken nature of this project. I think this related to the knife crime project which I’ve chosen because of how emotional and harsh the content is.

2. On ItMcKinsey Design & The Case For Her – 2019 – Karolina Jankiewicz, Leah Pattison, Connie Dodgshon, Ho Chin

1 in 4 girls feel unprepared when starting their periods. In the U.K., a number of factors lead to the stigmatisation of periods with the key factor being lack of consistent, informative and appropriate education. Further accentuating the issue, menstrual education isn’t currently compulsory in the U.K and isn’t scheduled to be until 2020. There is no structure to guide the development of an appropriate curriculum which results in non-standard period education, with large discrepancies between schools and regions, leading to further misunderstanding amongst children.

I love the idea of this project! I think that the fact it’s a game is really engaging and would encourage people to learn about the subject through a game.

3. Gift Experiences Typeface – John Lewis & Partners – 2019 – Lorna Milligan

An alphabet that explores the gift experiences available to purchase at John Lewis and Partners through animated type that is effective both as static and moving images. The typeface has been built using Gill Sans as the base and utilises John Lewis and partners existing colour scheme to fit seamlessly into their existing branding.

I LOVE this typeface. I think it’s to unique and appropriate for the John Lewis brand. The detail of the illustrations is amazing and the colours are so muted and suit the brand so much. I would really love to create a typeface in my project!

After having researched 3 existing projects, David asked us to come up with 3 ideas for outcomes. So in order to decide on my 3 main ideas I decided to make a mind map of potential ways of stopping people carrying a knife:

From this, I then went on to create a mindmap of potential outcomes:

As my 2 words were “action” and “consequence”, I narrowed these down to a video/film, an app and a game. Each would focus on the consequences and the impact of choices whether or not to carry a knife, stab someone, etc

Competitions: Deconstructing the brief

Today I went into Uni to deconstruct the brief with David and Sean. It was really nice to go into uni and see some familiar faces (even if it was only 5 of us!)

We started by reading through the brief and highlighting the most important words and phrases. We then each read out some of the words we’d highlighted which David wrote down on a board:

Next, we narrowed down these words to 16, then to 8, then to 4, then to 2! Essentially these two words should be the overarching idea for the project (but not limited to).

It was a really useful session, and it really motivated me to start the research process for this project!

Competitions: Choosing a brief

Today we had to choose an international competition brief to work on for the next project. There were SO many to choose from! These include D&AD, RSA and ISTD. The briefs offer a full range of media approaches and design categories, which is so exciting!

I’m super excited for this project as I feel that this project gives me an opportunity to
explore completely different topics to anything that I’m used to. We are advised to use the brief as a guideline to shape the project, but also push beyond it. We are also advised to explore the unexpected and remember the importance of research to inform the process, development and final outcomes.

Our tutors have narrowed down/shortlisted the briefs to the ones which they would like us to choose from.

The brief I chose was from D&AD, and it’s from Key4Life & Landor, and focuses on knife crime in young men. The related disciplines for this brief are Typography and Graphic Design.

This is the “Challenge” as described by D&AD:

Words cut deep. They can destroy, and they can inspire. Typography has incredible power to make words matter more, to make words more relevant and most importantly to turn them into actions. Create a typographic-led campaign that uses the power of words and visceral qualities of typography to stop young people in their tracks and open their minds to bigger and brighter things. Help them to not only realise what the implications of knife crime can be, but also discover that there are other paths to tread. Pick a compelling story or statistic to translate into type. You should feature either key teenage knife crime statistics and/or use the stories of Key4Life mentors or programme attendees as told by them, and use typography to bring these to life in a way that is engaging for your audience.

Target market as described by D&AD:

Children aged 10-17. Use the realness of the stories and statistics to cut though all the
commercial noise they see and hear every day. But your campaign should also shine a light
on the topic to the wider public, and help encourage them to realise that knife crime isn’t as clear cut as it may appear. The reasons young people may turn to carrying a knife are
nuanced and there’s so much more that needs to be done to change the circumstances that can lead to devastating outcomes.

I was really drawn to this brief as I felt that the outcomes could really make a positive impact on people’s lives. I also have a great love for typography so I think that this project will suit me really well!

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