Criticality: Group tutorial with Carol

After having researched a lot of different ways in which I could display the amount of money paid to an influencer for an Instagram post, I narrowed my ideas down to a final three:

  1. Endless scrolling

This idea would work in a way that the more money the influencer was paid for the partnership or post, the longer the viewer would have to scroll past it repeating itself. This idea is designed to irritate the follower, and help them to understand just how much the influencer has been paid to promote this product or service.

2. Glitch/distort effect

This idea would make a paid partnership post more distorted or glitched the more money that has been paid to the influencer. An organic post (such as my post, the right) would be clear with no distortion at all, whereas a paid post would have a distorted effect shown.

3. Paid content warning

This idea plays on the “sensitive content” warning page which conceals a post which may contain sensitive content. The idea would be that it “warns” the viewer that this specific post is a paid promotion of a product or service, and not just an organic recommendation.

I presented each of these ideas to Carol and my peers, and the general feedback was that idea 3 was the strongest. The main reasons were that it was relatable, easy to understand and was really disruptive of someones daily “scroll”. It was noted that the idea needed a lot more work and research but this was definitely the strongest at this stage. Carol suggested that I experimented with sound/vibration and how these could be used to disrupt the viewers further

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